Jody Queen-Hubert from the St. John’s School of Risk Management speaks with about a group of students she led to the 2015 RIMS Conference in New Orleans thanks to RIMS Student Involvement Program, and a grant by the ACE Foundation. She also discusses how best to attract millennials to the insurance industry.

According to Ms. Queen-Hubert, students are interested in the risk and insurance industry because of the career opportunities. The industry offers career mobility, a good starting salary and the opportunity to work in an industry that helps people.

Ms. Queens-Hubert says the RIMS Anita Benedetti Student Involvement Program is a highly selective program that sponsored 30 students so they could attend the RIMS Annual Conference in New Orleans. Ms. Queens-Hubert says St. John’s had one student selected to be part of this program. Students in this program participate in special group activities with the other students in the program.

The ACE Group is a strong supporter of the School of Risk Management at St John’s, according to Ms. Queens-Hubert. They support a number of activities at the school; “the largest is the underwriting of over 20 students … to participate in this year’s RIMS Conference…It’s the highlight of their experience at St. John’s School of Risk Management.” The students who came to the conference were able to meet risk managers and vendors, while participating in conference activities. The conference also afforded students the ability to start building their professional network and knowledge base.

According to Ms. Queens-Hubert, the insurance industry continues to grapple with the war on talent and the challenge to attract young people to the industry. Much of the issue revolves around the image of the industry and corporate culture. To fill all the positions available in the industry, Ms. Queens-Hubert says companies have to look beyond the insurance and risk management programs. She advises employers to engage with local universities. “They should be involved in career development activities, campus presentations and even high school shadowing days…And they should be offering internships, which would show students opportunities in the industry.” They also need to have competitive salaries and be able to communicate to students the career trajectories within different positions.

For more World Risk and Insurance News from the 2015 RIMS Conference in New Orleans, visit the dedicated RIMS 2015 Channel in the On Demand Library.

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