David Sampson, president and CEO of the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA), discusses the current state of the “dysfunctional, hyper partisan” U.S. government, and that there is little on the horizon that suggests polarization will end any time soon. Still, Mr. Sampson points to several successes over the past year, including the reauthorization of TRIA (Terrorism Risk Insurance Act).

The number one priority for APCIA in 2020 is promoting legal defense and reform to bend the trend on “social inflation.” The US legal system has become more “unpredictable and arbitrary” with contracts and the law increasingly ignored, impacting the property casualty insurance industry.

Risk Based Pricing is another issue APCIA is focused on, as regulators and legislators look to restrict the use of actuarially sound Risk Based Pricing. APCIA will also promote mitigation and resiliency initiatives, particularly in an abnormal period of increased natural disasters such as hurricanes, drought or wildfires.  In addition, APCIA will support regulatory modernization to enable insurers to innovate and deploy technology to be better serve consumers.

Other issues Mr. Sampson mentioned are Bad Faith and Assignment of Benefit Reforms in Florida,  Restrictions on Affinity Groups in California, and the recent Privacy Bill enacted in New Jersey. AT the federal level, APCIA continues to pursue a permanent reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and ways to integrate mitigation and resiliency into a major transportation  infrastructure bill being debated in Congress in 2020.




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