The property-casualty insurance industry gives about $1 billion each year to charitable causes. That according to a McKinsey Study conducted for the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF).

IICF CEO Bill Ross says the industry supports a variety of charities across the US, with a focus on education as well as health and human services. He says it important for companies to be involved in the community, but also companies are learning about the community.

The IICF is hosting the Women in Insurance Global Conference in New York, June 12-14 in New York. Mr. Ross expects over 700 attendees from 10 nations. In addition, he says that the “Week of Giving” program will be expanded to year-round giving with regard to volunteering but celebrated during the 2019 Week of Giving.

In 2018, the IICF hosted a Millennials Idea Summit where a group of millennials from the insurance industry were brought together to solve for a number of challenges. The IICF will be publishing the results of that exercise in March.

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