David Frediani, President of Ironshore International, speaks with WRIN.tv during the recent European Insurance Forum in Dublin about the top risks facing the international insurance market, the impact of the EU economy on the industry and more.

According to Mr. Frediani, the top three risks facing the insurance industry are geopolitical, connectivity and job creation. He says that “on a global scale, what we have seen out there is risker than it’s ever been before, from sovereign states, from civil wars…and a plethora of terrorist activity.” He describes connectivity as a combination of technology – its use and the (general) reliance on technology, particularly amongst the public. He sees job creation and underemployment as closely tied with geopolitical risk.

The main economic issues impacting the EU are around employment and questions about the stability of the Euro. With, there are many questions about the possible exit of Greece from the EU, and its effect on companies and other countries. The continued expansion and investment by European multinational companies into Asia, Latin America, the US and Middle East are also having an impact on the EU economy.

Mr. Frediani sees the greatest potential for growth is Asia. “Asia has been the long story for many decades… China’s consumer base has grown significantly and the expansion of Chinese companies internationally has been a terrific model.“ He also sees opportunity for growth in Latin America.

While he sees Cyber as the ultimate product, the main objectives for risk managers and underwriters is how best to handle it. Mr. Frediani also sees opportunity for growth in political violence and terrorism coverage.

According to Mr. Frediani, the bid by Fosun International to invest further into Ironshore is a “very positive development.” This was a management-led transaction … The acquisition by Fosum will help create stability, and supply long-term capital supporting growth opportunities.” Mr. Frediani points out that it will also give Ironshore better access to Asia and China,

For more World Risk and Insurance News from the 2015 European Insurance Forum (EIF) Conference in Dublin, visit the dedicated EIF 2015 Channel in the WRIN.tv On Demand Library.

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