Institutional investors in the insurance industry face challenges from record low or negative interest rates, slow and slowing economic growth, and a wave of increasing regulation. According to Conning Chairman and CEO Woody Bradford, these are the same challenges faced by other institutional investors around the world. These factors are forcing investors to take more risk in their portfolios, and to look at new asset classes and other ways to generate returns in their portfolios.

These strategies are particularly difficult for insurance investors due to regulations and other constraints on their portfolios. In addition, investors must consider the “known unknowns and unknown unknowns” in the market such as China, Brexit, U.S. elections and trade policies.

Mr. Bradford says Conning’s mission is to enhance the financial strength of its clients.  He lists three things Conning strives to do well:  deliver strong investment results, tailor products and services to the client’s circumstances, and exceptional client service. He believes this combination of deliverables helps clients achieve their financial objectives.

For more on institutional investing for insurance carriers, visit the Conning website.

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