Recently, spoke to Julia Graham, President of FERMA about the role of the Risk Manager in Europe. Here, FERMA’s Deputy President Jo Willaert (Risk Manager for Agfa Corporate Center) joins to discuss FERMA’s Risk Manager Certification Program, which is made up of four pillars.

According to Mr. Willart, FERMAs goals for its certification program are to create recognition and professionalism in the European risk management community.   To accomplish this, FERMA has created a certification program that is made up of four pillars:

  • The first pillar is Certification, which has two levels: the Advanced level for the more senior individuals and Passport level for people coming into the profession. The Passport level is the first level of risk management knowledge.
  • The second pillar is the Accreditation of the Education bodies. In this pillar, FERMA will accredit the different education bodies so they deliver the training and exams in accordance to FERMAs criteria.
  • The third pillar is Ethics. According to Mr. Willaert, “risk management is an important and ethical profession and risk managers should behave in an ethical manor.” Having ethics as part of the certification process will also protect companies against possible claims from the outside.
  • The fourth pillar is continuing education credits to keep the risk managers certification current. Certified risk managers may participate in seminars, workshops and classes to keep up training.

FEMRAs hopes the Certification program will start in Europe and spread to other areas.

Mr. Willaert assumes the Presidency of FERMA after Julia Graham’s term is over. He plans to concentrate on the certification process and promote the value of the risk manager. He also plans to develop a closer working relationship with the European Union to add a voice for risk management in Europe.

For more information about the role of risk management in Europe, visit the FERMA website.

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