SPRINGFIELD, Mo., March 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Farm Family’s thoughts are with the people dealing with the aftermath of this week’s severe snow and ice from Winter Storm Stella.

Claim Reporting: Visit a local agent’s office or call the Farm Family 24-hour claim hotline at 1.800.948-3276. When property claims are reported, ask about services which may be available to you. Repair-related receipts should be saved so they can be included in claim reports. 

For vehicle damage, appraisers will be available to assist with inspections. Policyholders who have obtained estimates can forward them to Farm Family for desk review. They can also provide photos of damage at the time of the claim report for immediate adjusting of more minor vehicle damage. 

Claim Payment: Farm Family offers the convenience of direct deposit of payments to policyholders. Ask your agent or claim representative about direct deposit of your insurance proceeds.

Ice Dam Tips:  Policyholders can avoid property damage due to ice accumulation at the edge of a roof, usually near the gutter, known as an ice dam:

  • Keep attic temperatures below freezing. This means stopping warm air from inside the house from entering or building up in the attic.
  • Ventilation – A properly ventilated roof allows warm air to escape from the attic.
  • Insulation – A well-insulated attic reduces how much warm air enters the attic from the living areas below. However, make sure the insulation doesn’t cover the soffit vents because that will reduce needed air circulation.
  • Air Leakage – Normal insulation does not account for air leaks related to a host of items that penetrate into the attic, such as plumbing vents, electrical wiring, light fixtures and pull-down attic stairs. Use the appropriate caulk, urethane spray-foam or weatherproofing to make the areas around the penetration air tight.

What to Do:

  • If you are faced with an ice dam despite taking preventative measures, there are steps that can be taken to relieve the problem.
  • Be careful. Efforts may involve ladders, tools and climbing onto the roof in a snowy/icy environment. Taking further steps yourself can be extremely dangerous. Consider hiring a contractor who is experienced in ice dam removal. The cost of paying a contractor is minimal compared to the costs associated with a serious injury due to a fall.
  • Another reason to hire a contractor is that there are problems associated with almost all methods of alleviating ice dams:
    Snow Rake – This is a long handled tool designed to allow someone on the ground to pull loads of snow off the roof. By removing snow, the source of continued ice build-up is removed as well. However, care must be taken to not actually rake down to the shingles or there is a good chance of shingle damage.
    Salt or Calcium Chloride – While this will help melt the ice dam it may also corrode metal gutters and downspouts. Also, the run-off may damage plants and lawns.
    Chip Away Ice – Bad idea! Using shovels, ice picks, hammers and other implements to chip away ice is almost universally a bad idea. Besides being dangerous, there is a good chance the roof and/or gutters will be damaged in the process.

Additional informational and resources to help policyholders dealing with the aftermath of winter weather can be found under the loss control section of farmfamily.com.

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American National established a dedicated property and casualty division in 1973 with American National Property And Casualty Company, Springfield, MO. This company serves 38 states not including NY. To better serve the unique insurance needs of the agricultural market, American National acquired the Farm Family group of insurance companies based in NY in 2001. For corporate and investor relations information, please visit American National’s website at www.AmericanNational.com.

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