In this edition of ACORD Tech Talk, host Johnell Johnson welcomes back the Managing Editor of Agency Nation, Ryan Hanley to discuss how social media can support the four stages of insurance sales.

According to Mr. Hanley, traditional selling included interrupting the life of “unconnected generation consumer” with a commercial ad or phone call.  But efforts like cold calling do not get the same success rate. Things are changing in the “connected age” where “professional vetters” want to find information on their own time. He says “interrupting them is actually a negative. Mr. Hanley says the four stages of todays’ selling process are: awareness, attention, trust and then the sale.

In stage one, “you are making the community aware of who you are…no sale…light information…educational content…stories…humor” …all through social media like Facebook, LinekdIn, Twitter etc.

In the attention stage, people are diving into your website, your posts. They are commenting and interacting with you. While you have attention, selling will not happen without “trust.”

Once they spend time with your brand, they will gain trust, and the sale can begin. Trust comes in the form of acknowledgement on social media…not just engaging, but promoting your business.

With new consumers, the sale takes longer and varies by consumer.  Mr. Hanley admits that there is not much different in the current sales process, other than the technology used and the variable component to that. “We are still selling the people…the trust and comfort (the insurance industry) brings to people’s lives…We’re just using tools like YouTube, Facebook, websites and email marketing to deliver the message in their time of need.”

For more on the technologies affecting today’s insurance professional, visit the ACORD website, or the On Demand Library.

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