NAMIC’s Chuck Chamness gives an update on St. Baldrick’s, a charity with deep ties to the insurance industry that raises money for childhood cancer research.

NAMIC President and CEO Chuck Chamness also serves as Chairman Emeritus of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which supports childhood cancer research through unique fund-raising events where volunteers shave their heads to support the cause. Here, Mr. Chamness reviews the Foundation’s ties to the insurance industry, and his personal reasons for getting involved in the organization.

This year, Mr. Chamness reports that St. Baldrick’s raised some $3 million, more than $100 million in the last three years. Since the Foundation began in 2000, more than $200 million in grants for childhood cancer research have been provided; making St. Baldrick’s the largest funder of childhood research behind the U.S. Government. He laments that only 6% of the Federal Government grants for cancer research, through the National Cancer Institute, goes to childhood cancer.

In the last 20 years, only two drugs designed for pediatric cancer have been introduced. In 2015, however, Doctor Alice Yu, one of St. Baldrick’s scholar researchers developed Unituxin, which was approved by the FDA, which has already saved the lives of many afflicted children.

Mr. Chamness points to many ways that the insurance industry raises money for St. Baldrick’s, including head-shavings, fun runs, and more. “Do What You Want” to help the cause. Go to for more information.

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