10 February 2017
Announcement No. 08/2017

Sampo’s ownership interest in Topdanmark increased from 33.34% to 41.11% in connection with the mandatory offer by Sampo cf. company announcement no. 64/2016. As of 1 February 2017, Sampo’s ownership interest was 41.7%, and adjusted for Topdanmark’s holding of own shares, Sampo’s voting stock was 45.7%.

Today, Sampo has announced that the company wants to increase its number of members of Topdanmark’s Board of Directors elected at the AGM from one to three. Furthermore, at Topdanmark’s AGM on 4 April 2017, Sampo will propose that the authority of the Board of Directors to buy-back own shares be revoked.

Sampo wants more influence on Topdanmark’s Board of Directors
Due to Sampo’s wish for more influence on Topdanmark’s Board of Directors, Søren Thorup Sørensen, Topdanmark’s current Chairman, has decided not to seek re-election at the AGM on 4 April 2017.

Sampo will propose the following candidates for membership of Topdanmark’s Board of Directors: Ricard Wennerklint (Deputy CEO of If) and Petri Niemisirta (CEO of Mandatum Life).

Due to the changes in the Board of Directors, Birgitte Nielsen has decided not to seek re-election to Topdanmark’s Board of Directors.

At the AGM on 4 April 2017, the Board of Directors will propose election of the following:

  • Torbjörn Magnusson
  • Lone Møller Olsen
  • Petri Niemisvirta
  • Annette Sadolin
  • Ricard Wennerklint
  • Jens Aaløse.

It is expected that, after the AGM on 4 April 2017, Torbjörn Magnusson, the current Deputy Chairman, will become new Chairman and Annette Sadolin will become new Deputy Chairman.

Earnings distribution
Sampo has announced that it will propose that the authority of the Board of Directors to buy-back own shares be revoked at Topdanmark’s AGM on 4 April 2017. Sampo’s proposal should be viewed in the context of Sampo’s announcement in its Interim Report for Q1-Q3 2016 that Sampo intends to propose discontinuation of Topdanmark’s share buy-back programme, at the AGM on 4 April 2017 and a switch to earnings distribution by means of payment of dividend.

If Sampo’s proposal is not adopted at Topdanmark’s AGM, it is the intention of the Board of Directors that Topdanmark will switch to a combination of share buy-back and payment of dividend as earnings distribution.

Topdanmark’s approach to earnings distribution is unchanged in relation to the Statement by the Board of Directors of 7 October, cf. company announcement no. 60/16 in which paragraph states the following:
“In normal circumstances, Topdanmark generates a return that exceeds the capital requirement resulting from the growth of the business. It is the Company’s policy that, if it is not possible to find value-adding investment opportunities, such excess return will be distributed to the Shareholders. In the opinion of the Board of Directors, the amount of the distribution must be determined by the ratio between the equity and the capital requirement and capital need of the business.” 

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