WRIN.tv spoke with Dr. Peter Dailey, Director of Atmospheric Science at AIR Worldwide, during the 2013 RIMS Conference. He says supply chain networks and how they react to extreme events are among the major concern of risk managers, as are emerging risks like health and pandemics.

Dr. Dailey says risk models help risk managers and underwriters quantify risk so it can be priced, underwritten, and managed.

AIR has developed models that help underwriters and risk managers understand the risk of natural perils like hurricanes, earthquakes, and even man made catastrophe like a terrorist attack. Models are developed and improved through the use of data collected after an event. New area of to be modeled include Pandemic Risk.

Dr. Dailey also reviewed a new AIR service called Real Time Climate Risk Analytics, offering timely views of vulnerable assets as an event is unfolding. The service includes catastrophe risk engineering and real time forecast assessment service.

For more information about the RIMS conference please visit their website.

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