Property Casualty Briefing: PCI’s Jeffrey Junkas on legislative threats to underwriting freedom


Credit-based insurance scoring has been a factor in classifying risk for many years. However, legislatures across the U.S. are looking to limit the use of certain information in the underwriting of consumer risk.

In this first edition of Property Casualty Briefing, Jeffrey Junkas, Regional Manager of State Government Relations with the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) discusses the legislative efforts to curtail the use of credit-based insurance scoring and other threats to underwriting freedom being considered across the U.S.

The “Property Casualty Briefing,” sponsored by PCI, provides insight on public policy, recent legislation and regulation, economic data and trend analysis, and other issues important to consumers and the property and casualty industry. PCI and will produce Property Casualty Briefings at least once each month to ensure those in the industry are kept informed on a timely basis.

For more information on issues affecting the U.S. Property Casualty insurance community, visit the PCI website.


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