The Annual General Meeting of Tryg A/S will be held on

Wednesday 8 March 2017 at 15.00 CET at the company address, Klausdalsbrovej 601, 2750 Ballerup.

The doors will be open from 14:00 CET. After the Annual General Meeting there will be a presentation about the work of TrygFonden by Gurli Martinussen, CEO at TrygFonden. Refreshments will be served after the Annual General Meeting.

A bus will drive from Malmparken Station to Tryg, free of charge. The bus will leave the parking lot at Malmparken Station at 14.15 CET and return 30 minutes after the end of the Annual General Meeting.

The agenda:

1)    Report by the Supervisory Board on business activities in 2016

2)    Approval of revised Annual Report for 2016

3)    Resolution on appropriation of profits or cover of losses according to the adopted annual report

4)    Resolution to grant discharge to the Supervisory Board and Executive Management

5)    Approval of the Supervisory Board’s remuneration for 2017      

6)    Proposals by the Supervisory Board:

           a)   Proposal for reduction of the share capital

           b)   Proposal for amendments to Articles 8 and 9 of the Articles of Association on authorisation to increase the share

           c)   Proposal for authorisation for buying own shares

           d)   Proposal for adjustment of new remuneration policy with guidelines for incentive pay

           e)   Proposal for amendment to Article 19 of the Articles of Association on election of board members

7)    Election of members to the Supervisory Board

8)    Appointment of auditor                

9)    Authorisation to the chair

10)  Miscellaneous

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