Global Risk News Network

Producers and distributors of quality video programs

for the online risk and insurance community.


The Global Risk News Network (GRNN) offers unique value to marketing and communications within the risk and insurance industry, including:

  • Experienced marketing, communication and media professionals
  • Unique understanding of the risk and (re)insurance industry
  • Custom new (video) and social media services/consultation
  • Quality, compelling video production capabilities
  • Video hosting and distribution, including syndication

Global Risk News Network delivers value through three distinct operations:

GRNN Consulting, GRNN Productions & World Risk and Insurance News (


GRNN Consulting 202x107

John Green Advising Client at an event

GRNN Consulting works closely with insurance industry executives to develop and execute custom marketing and communications strategies that focus on corporate goals and leverage all media to build and enhance a company’s brand and position.
  • Executive Consulting/Planning
    • CMO/Marketing Advisory Services
    • Senior Management Engagement/Executive Communications
    • Corporate Brand/Positioning/Differentiation Strategy
    • Strategic Marketing and Communication Planning/Budgeting
  • Marketing and Communications Execution
    • Integrated Marketing and Communication Programs
    • Digital Media Planning/Management
    • Business/Market/Product Development
    • Sales Support/Promotion/Lead Generation
    • Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
    • Content Marketing
    • Media Relations (Public Relations/Publicity)
    • Interactive Marketing Programs/Event Management

Research/Data Collection

production 1

GRNN Productions provides a unique, informed approach to the creation of quality, compelling online video content for risk and insurance companies. GRNN Productions delivers “your message in your own voice”, through a medium preferred by “Next Generation” risk and insurance professionals.
  • Unmatched Preparation and Pre-production
    • Smooth, integrated, cost-effective approach to production
    • Conversant scripts…developed in advance
    • Integration of contributed (client-provided) graphics

production 2.jpg

  • Streamlined and Professional Video Shoots
    • A controlled and comfortable environment for guests
    • One, two and three camera onsite interviews
    • A controlled and comfortable environment for guests
    • Remote interviews using Web-enabled video technologies
    • Webinars and webcasts
  • Quality Custom Video Editing
    • Skilled, creative editing from multiple sources
    • Custom opening and closing graphics
    • Story-supporting animations
  • Underwrite Ready-made Video Series
GRNN Productions will work with clients to tailor a regular series of video programs based on existing program outlines, such as:
  • Need-2-Know Today (Daily News)
  • This Week in…Risk Management
  • Captive Currents
  • Reinsurance Today
  • Reinsurance Today
  • Legs & Regs (Legislation & Regulatory News)
  • Legal Briefs (Litigation)
  • Cyber Opps
  • Personally Speaking (Personal Lines)
  • Consumer Insurance (incl: Health Insurance)
  • Develop Your Own Custom Video Content
    GRNN Productions can also work with clients to develop their own series of video programs… one that makes sense for their brand and budget.
    • Extend Current Investments in Thought Leadership
      Investments in traditional news, analysis and thought leadership can be turned into Web-friendly video reports, customized to a client’s audience.
    • Add Excitement and Shelf-Life to Events
      GRNN Productions will work with event sponsors to create video news content that will create excitement onsite and long-lasting impressions online.
    • Promote Webinars and Webcast
      GRNN Productions will edit Webinars into Web-friendly video reports that can stand alone or direct traffic to full-length presentations on the client’s website.
    • Spread Breaking News though Video Press Releases
      Turn your latest news, information, press releases or media announcements into Web-ready video content. GRNN will produce video reports on breaking news, new intellectual capital or analysis.
    • Leverage Existing Video Resources
      GRNN Productions will partner with organizations that have their own video production capabilities to optimize their investment through the production and distribution of quality video programming.
  • Distribute Video Content to Support Your Marketing Efforts
    GRNN Productions offers a variety of distribution channels to help share video content, drive traffic…and enhance a client’s image as a leader.
    • Video Syndication
      GRNN will host video programs so they may be embedded on any internal or external website, including extranets used by customers and business partners.
    • Custom E-mail Marketing
      GRNN will distribute custom Email Alerts to target audiences. Clients may enhance their email distribution through a Video News Alert to over 20,000 risk and insurance professionals.
    • Mobile App (COMING SOON!)
      Video content may be featured on’s new mobile app for viewing on handheld devices, tablets and cell phones.

World Risk and Insurance News

The first online video news network for the risk and insurance community.

World Risk and Insurance News ( produces and distributes news, information and analysis affecting the risk and insurance industry. also provides unique advertising, promotional and distribution opportunities for online marketers.
  • Access to the Latest Information Affecting Risk and Insurance Professionals
    • Headline News produces and distributes short news briefs in a Web-friendly format appealing to busy risk and insurance professionals, particularly from the next generation. Reports include links to original content and additional information on similar stories relating to:
      • Industry News
      • Risk Management
      • Commercial Insurance
      • Personal Lines
      • Agents & Brokers
      • Reinsurance and ILS
      • Consumer Insurance
    • Industry Expert Analysis and Opinion delivers timely commentary on the latest news, information and trends.
    • Research and Thought Leadership conducts interviews with notable industry leaders and experts, academics, researchers, and publishers of intellectual capital.
    • Industry Event Coverage
      News coverage and interviews with executive attendees, speakers and subject matter experts from major industry events.
  • New Ways to Be Part of the “News Cycle”
    • Custom E-mail Marketing content is promoted through Video News Alerts sent to over 20,000 risk and insurance professionals. Customize an Email Alert to promote your message.
    • Lead Generation Program
      Sponsored content attracts viewers and enables the gathering of information about those interested.
    • Branded Company Channels
      Organizations may create and manage your own video channel on, where they can promote their message, share their insights, differentiate their brand. CompanyChannels put your organization first, withcustomized pages, banner advertising, free video hosting, and trafficgeneration. This central source for your online videos includes Free videohosting and embed codes, promotion of videos thru Email Alerts …anddiscounts on future GRNN Productionsservices to help you build your video library
    • Mobile App (COMING SOON!)
  • Creative Advertising Opportunities
    • Advertising
      • Banner Advertising
      • Individual Video On-Demand Pages
      • Event Coverage Advertising
    • Creative Advertising Options
      • Emailed Video News Alerts (Banner Ads)
      • Social Media Integration
    • Advertising Packages
      Ask about special pricing on packages that combine advertising with custom Email marketing. 466x150

Ask about our new network,, the online video platform for New York unions and their members.
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