FERMA President Julia Graham (Director of Risk Management and Insurance at DLA Piper) joins WRIN.tv from London to discuss progress FERMA has made on three key themes she introduced at the start of her tenure: profession, innovation and diversity. According to Ms. Graham, “they are not just words, but strategic actions within FERMA

Ms. Graham says the themes she introduced represent the goals she is attempting to achieve during her two years in office. At the upcoming FERMA Risk Management Forum, each of the days will be dedicated to one of the key themes.

Ms. Graham says she is passionate about Diversity, but she had to go about tackling the issue in a sustainable way. “It’s not just about gender. There are lots of other things that come under the banner of diversity, from ethnic diversity to age…The main areas we focused on in FERMA were gender and age.”

Education is another important goal for FERMA. According to Ms. Graham. “If you want to step up to the Boardroom table of the C-suite…you have to be a recognized professional. “ To do that FERMA is implementing a certification program to raise the profile of the profession, and provide evidence that people are qualified and able to performing in the future. Certification shows that you have a risk manager with the relevant level of knowledge and experience, who is prepared to continue to learn, and abides by a code of ethics. Ms. Graham says the certification program will be offered at two levels: the advanced level for the more senior practitioner, and the passport level for the people just coming into the profession.

Ms. Graham was just appointed as a Technical Director for Airmic in the UK, a new role she is looking forward to taking on..

For more information about the role of risk management in Europe, visit the FERMA website.

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