Mary-Rose-Reaston, Emerge Diagnostics

Doctor MaryRose Reaston, Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of Emerge Diagnostics, discusses developments in the diagnosis of soft tissue injuries, defined as a muscle strain, neck strain rotator cuff tear or back pain – the main cause of many expensive workers compensation claims.

Dr. Reaston says Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment (EFA) Tests are diagnostic tools designed specifically for soft tissue injuries. The EFA Test is a combination of advanced EMG (electromyography) technologies “with range of motion and a functional assessment all rolled into one.

Dr. Reaston describes the EFA Test as “non-loading and non-invasive, so the patient can’t hurt themselves.” It uses pads placed on different muscle groups, which test the muscles at rest and through a range of motion. The EFA Test evaluates muscles…“if they are functioning and functioning appropriately, and if there is fatigue when you return to rest.” The test will identify where a problem is coming from, and even suggest medication and a physical therapy plan. This helps “the patient get better faster (so they can) return to the activities of daily living.”

Looking ahead, Dr. Reaston sees EFAs being refined so it can “pick up more information about muscles, (enable) home use for physical therapy, and monitor compliance.”

If you’d like more information on new trends in soft tissue injuries and diagnosis, visit the Emerge Diagnostics website, or the On Demand Library.

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