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In this edition of ACORD Tech Talk, host Johnell Johnson welcomes Kathleen Swain, Innovation Advisor at USAA to discuss the recent approval by the FAA allowing USAA to use drones and the use of drones by insurance companies.

According to Ms. Swain, “USAA started researching the use of drones in 2010 and in 2014, filed for two exemptions from the FAA for the use and testing of drones. In April of 2015, they received approval. The first exemption was for research and development on drones and the second was for permission to operate drones in catastrophe areas. USAA hopes to be operational and be able to use drones in catastrophe areas beginning in September 2015.”

Ms. Swain goes on to say, “By using drones in a catastrophe type situation, it will allow our adjusters to operate in a safer environment and allow more efficiency within the claims process. Through the use of drones, adjusters will be able to get aerial imagery of disaster sites giving a more holistic view of the damage. As the technology around drones improves, we will be able to conduct research and determine how we can use it for the benefit of USAA’s membership. Being innovative and being on the forefront of all this new technology can be an enormous benefit to our customers. With the way the Internet of Things is going these days, we are going to see technology keep moving in the insurance industry”

For more on the use of drones in the insurance industry, visit the On Demand Library.  And for more on the technologies shaping the insurance industry, visit the ACORD website.

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