Tom Leonardi, Evercore Partners

Tom Leonardi, former Connecticut Insurance Commissioner and now with Evercore Partners, commented on two legislative issues for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2015: a bill attempting to change the definition of “Full Time Employee”, and an court appeal to reverse a decision on payment of subsidies to buyers of health insurance on the Federal exchange.

The new definition of Full Time Employee would increase the requisite number of work house from 30 to 40. Mr. Leonardi sees this effort as “unproductive” since it would result in several hundred thousand people not being covered under the ACA. He believes anything that erodes the basic principles of the ACA would be vetoed by the President.

The King vs. Burwell decision that will be heard by the Supreme Court regarding subsidies for people purchasing coverage on a State vs. a Federal exchange.  The appeal suggests it is not appropriate for those buying insurance on the Federal exchange to receive subsidies. While Mr. Leonardi does not believe the original decision being overturned, but “you never really know.”

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